3 Things You Can Make From Shower Curtain Rings





Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From Shower Curtain Rings

I used to buy cheap shower curtains (dollar/pound/euro store ) until I tried a better quality shower curtain and found out that it is worth the money.

I probably used 2-3 shower curtains a year as they did not last.

I never bothered to change the curtain rings as they were all the same, so I kept the new ones.

With so many shower curtain rings, it was time to make something.

In this Instructable, we look at 3 Things You Can Make From Shower Curtain Rings.

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Step 1: S - Hook

I heated the ring's center and twisted it.

(Wear a respirator or melt the plastic in well ventilated room or preferably outside)

Then I heated other parts of the ring to make an "S" hook.

I use "S" hooks all the time, so now I am stocked up.

Step 2: Coat/Tool Hanger

I heated the ring and shaped a hanger.

I was amazed how flexible the plastic was.

Step 3: Plastic Chain

I joined the rings together and closed the links by meting the ends on a candle.

There are many things you can do with a plastic chain. I used it to hang a lamp.



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    They could be doubled-up for heavier items…or for a heavier look. I do that when making chain, with jump rings….for jewelry. Much smaller, but same idea.

    I had been making chain links that hang downward to hold scarves, belts and ties. Works great.

    Ingenius! Always looking for a way to store my scarves. Can't wait to get some shower curtain rings!

    I'm so dumb burning the rings. XD but, oh well, at last I did it lol.. Nice tutorial

    I'm still hung up on the fact that dollar store curtains come with hooks wherever you are living. My dollar tree shower curtains come with magnets in the bottom, but never hooks.

    THe problem with using these plastic hooks to make a chain is you have heated them, thereby causing a weakness in the material. also, the National electrical Code has a weight requirement for lighting suspended from chains, you cannot verify the weight capability of the chain you have created. I understand that people want to do this, I just prefer people know what they are getting into before they try doing this specific one.

    What a brilliant idea making them into S-hooks! Going to do some of these up today to use in my closet, and the chain lengths as well! Thanks for sharing :)

    great ideas, thanks