3 Things You Can Make From Syringes





Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From Syringes

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In this Instructable, we look at 3 things you can make from new syringes.

We will make a microphone stand, a syringe gun and a sausage cutter.

What's needed:

For the Mic Stand

  • Lid from a tin or the tin
  • Syringe
  • Hot Shoe Ball Head
  • 3 large size nuts

For the Syringe Gun

  • Syringe
  • Electrical tape

For the cutter

  • Syringe
  • Steel wire

Other things: Spray paint, hot glue, drill+drill bits, permanent marker

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Step 1: Adjustable Microphone Stand

I took a large syringe and cut off the bottom (or the top, depends how you look at it)

Then I sanded it.

Step 2: Adjustable Microphone Stand

I took a lid from a tin/box I had lying around and I drilled a hole in it.

Step 3: Adjustable Microphone Stand

I glued the syringe to the lid as well as few nuts to make the stand heavier.

Step 4: Adjustable Microphone Stand

After putting the plunger back into the tube, I painted the stand black.

Step 5: Adjustable Microphone Stand

I bought a cheap hot shoe ball head from eBay (around $2)

I glued it on top of the plunger.

That's it!

We have made an adjustable microphone stand.

Works great with my zoom H1 audio recorder.

Step 6: Syringe Gun

I put a spring onto the plunger and squeezed one of the ends ,so it would not slide off.

Step 7: Syringe Gun

I painted the syringe black

Step 8: Syringe Gun

I made flights for the needle with an electrical tape.

Then I closed the needle with hot glue.

Step 9: Syringe Gun

That's it!

Our syringe gun is ready!

Put on the needle, but not as tight as usual.

Press the plunger and the needle will shoot.

The spring will bring back the plunger to the start position.


As you probably already know, the needle is very sharp.

Treat this syringe gun with respect and stay safe.

Step 10: Vegetable&Sausage Cutter

I took a large syringe and cut off the bottom.

Then It was sanded.

Step 11: Vegetable&Sausage Cutter

I marked the points for drilling with a permanent marker and electrical tape.

Then I drilled 18 holes.

Step 12: Vegetable&Sausage Cutter

I looped a steel wire through the holes making a cutter/blade.

Step 13: Vegetable&Sausage Cutter

Our syringe cutter/slicer is ready.

Put in a sausage and press down the plunger.

If you ever need to chop a sausage for the salad, this way it will be much quicker.

I also tried to cut a carrot. It did work, but I had to press it down harder.

The steel wire I used was too thick. Thinner wire will do a better job.



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    ONLY way I've ever seen to julienne a hot dog! Who knew such a need existed? I had to read the whole Instructable to find out what that was. I thought it was modelling clay. Might be good for making wiener octopi.

    I had my eye on the octopi as well!

    If you push the hot down about 2/3 of the way in you'd have perfect tentacles. But then I got stumped on how the heck you'd remove it. Womp womp womp

    If a person REALLY needed a kitchen gadget purpose-designed for making hot-dog octopi, maybe it would be possible, instead of 'weaving' the same wire back and forth / in and around, to have the wires removable (like 2 intersecting combs) with a ring to lock them into position when in use, and then they could be pulled free of the partially cut 'dog'. This would not be strong enough to remain in place for cutting something like a carrot, however. Also someone who really needs a purpose-designed gadget for making wiener octopi also really needs something more important to think about. This would be a sit-com project (one to do while watching TV, taking no more than half an hour)

    What's more important than wiener octopi making gadgets is the subconscious thought process that goes on while watching sit-coms or pursuing more important things. The subconscious accounts for about 90% of the brain's activity were the real thinking, problem solving & "breakthroughs" come from. A half hour may not be enough so it might keep working into the next show and after you go to bed. Those sit-coms just give your brain time to "think on it's own". It's like telling the kids to watch cartoons "while mommy works".

    Four crossed sewing needles through evenly spaced holes would cut eight tentacles.

    A larger "syringe" from PVC pipe sized to process a whole baloney from the local deli could make a giant "mother of all" wiener octopi for the centerpiece.

    i see it now! Four pins/needles from one side and four from another, crossing each other and making 16 square. Plunge the dog thru half ways then remove the pins and free said weiner octopus by pushing is all the way thru. The pins would act like a magician's sword box. Thanks for the idea!


    Not exactly.

    More like this with four pins, less to wash!

    Screen shot 2016-04-05 at 1.38.16 AM.png

    Cool! The visual convinced me. No, not Freudian at all! If people prefer their octopi to be hexadecagonal (unnatural but cool) then the 4x4 method would be best. See my crude drawing. Wait that's more than 16!

    But yes, I believe that together we can rid the world of it weiner-less octopi problems. Thanks.

    Cross Cut.jpg

    You mentioned wiener-less octopi problems, this is from softpediadotcom -

    octopus' penis, made by the male's third arm on the right, is called
    hectocotylus and is detachable. Mating can last two hours for several
    times, and the male introduces the hectocotylus into the gills' cavity
    where it deposes the spermatophores (pouches filled with millions of
    sperm cells), but the partners keep the distance. Partners recognize
    each other through smell and touch. During the mating, the male loses
    its hectocotylus, but till the next season, he will regenerate a new

    I can't picture that myself, but apparently being wiener-less is a regular thing.

    Go the softpedia page, there's some amazing information about octopi.

    Well that is good to know although my more interested lean more towards octopi made of wieners and less on octopi that are made sans wiener. Moreover, I'm going to try this with vegetarian hot dogs! So maybe we solve the world's weiner-less and meat-less octopi problems while we're at it. Be it with 8 tentacles or 16+.

    It has been very fascinating to further my knowledge on the physiology of these cephalopod mollusks and their phalli or temporary lack of.

    Thank you!

    My bad, two pins from each way would produce nine tenticles. Think of the four lines on tic tac toe in a circle.

    More than eight tenticles looks a little jellyfishish to me.

    For the sake of comity, I offer a compromise. Three pins from each way would produce nine jullienne tenticles. The middle one could be surgically removed in order to splay the eight tenticles.

    Square cross section tenticles seem a little Minecraftish to me, but on a real robot octopus suckers on three or four of the sides might be cool.

    Yes! Guillotine combs! or a removable die! Man, the world is all good now. thanks. :)

    amazing ideas! I love the hot dog cutter!