This project will create a 3-tiered propane fire pit. Each tier will be made of a different material, so you will be able to try out several new skills.  The bottom tier will show you how to create a flagstone covered base.  The middle tier will show you how to work with metal and burn a design into a metal ring.  The top tier will show you how to make a metal stud frame and cover it with tile.  You can use these same skills on any other project you may want to accomplish.  This project is based on a propane stub out I have in my back yard.  You can also use a propane tank or a natural gas stub out you may already have in your backyard.  More important, your fire pit can be made in any shape or material you desire.  I will highlight in this instructable some things to consider when making your own fire pit.  So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Things Needed

<p>Thank you. The height of the flame on this one is 22 inches off the ground. I chose that to give me some clearance from the gas stub out, and for sitting around the fire with outdoor chairs. You can prop your feet up on the flagstone, and hold a marshmallow roasting stick on your lap without having to bend over to reach the flame.</p><p>For your fire pit, you can make it any height you want. So, the first question you ask is how do you want to use it? </p><p>The lower the flame, the more heat you will get down low, but then you have to bend over to roast hot dogs, etc. If you plan to just hang around the fire with a few friends without roasting hot dogs or marshmallows, then I would go lower. Using solid fuels, I'd recommend just the bottom layer, and use concrete blocks under the flagstone instead of the plastic wood.</p><p>The only reason to go any higher would be if you were building it into a tall table you have or plan to buy for your yard. If you built it higher, I'd recommend a smaller flame. You don't want too much fire right in your face.</p><p>Hope this helps.</p>
<p>This is realy, realy cool !</p><p>I'm considering building one myself, but for solid fuels. Do you have any tips regarding the size ? Does would you recommend this size for sititng around the pit ? Or would it be better lower, or taller ?</p><p>Great work !!</p><p>Tim</p>

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