3 Types of Minecraft Chairs





Introduction: 3 Types of Minecraft Chairs

these instructions will help you make three different types of Minecraft chairs

Step 1: The Simple Chair

1)take a wooden step
2)then take a sign and put it on both sides is the step

Step 2: The Beach Chair

1)take a wooden step then a plank put the plank in front of the step

Step 3: The Throne

1)take a step
2)put a wood block on each side of the step
3)put a row of wood blocks behind the step and other wood blocks
4)put a step on each side of the throne then put a wood block in-between the two steps
5)put a half slab on the wood block that is in-between the two steps

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this is cool but you forgot one out down a chair block then put item frames is each side for an office chair!!!:) btw the throne is awesome!!!

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I like it.

I'm horrible at building stairs but this has been a really big help. Thanks!

A big help for me, I will make mine surely after this! Thank you so much for this step to step instructions.

that is a cool throne


the throne kinda looks like a fire place