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Introduction: 3 Uses for Knex

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Here are three of my personal uses for Knex, no guns, or grenades, I just needed something so I made it from knex.

Step 1: My Scroll Stand.

So I like to roll up paper and call them scrolls. I've even got a few pieces of aged paper, with burned edges. So I wanted something to hold them at about hip height, so I made this.

Also I labeled the scrolls so I know what each one is, without having to open them up.

Step 2: Curtain Holder

I use this to hold my blinds up. Cause I like sun light.

Step 3: Camera Stand

So I need something to hold my camera so the pictures won't be fuzzy. So I whipped one together, take a look at the pics.



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    did you rest your camera on a stand to take a picture of the stand?

    LOL....wait....you're Darth Vader, missing legs.....blinding aint so bad then.....

    2 and 3 , GREAT! 1 : WTF?

    Should i post this? it has the first ever good looking, FULLY, PERFECTLY functional mag, it has great power range and my opinion is the best mp5 on the site. heres a pic. do you like it, should i post?

    Picture 1.jpg
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    thou shall post

    lol when in doubt, thou shall post all!

    Do it, do it, do it!!

    Knez is the illegitimate child of Knex. Kind of like what Duplo is to Lego.

    1 reply

    your kidding right?(just making sure)

    Very Nice !!!!! Knex made into something besides a gun ....I salute you ...

    nice instructable! rated 4.5 but isn't it knex?