Introduction: 3 Uses for a Curtain Rod in Your Dorm

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For a nice organized room, use these simple curtain rod hacks!

Step 1: Clothing Rack

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Use this multi purpose rod for clothing! It's simple: pick out your clothes for the day the night before, have it all hung out and your ready for the day!

Step 2: Jewelry Hanger

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So for this dorm hack, your gonna need a standard curtain rod. I got mine at Walmart. The first thing your gonna want to do is position it where you want the rod for holding jewlery in your room. Your gonna want it to be in between to objects. Then what you basically do is hang the jewlery as you wish! It's super easy and stylish!

Step 3: Fort!

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Ever have those nights where your bed isn't comfortable enough? Well what's better than having your privacy and sleeping through the night! This curtain rod hack gives you full access to an amazing fort anytime you want it!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-08

Nice life hacks. I know several people who did this in college.

Thanks! Count on your vote!

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