3 Different Ways to Build a Fire





Introduction: 3 Different Ways to Build a Fire

For this instructable I am going to show you 3 different ways to build a fire. Before we get started go ahead and gather some twigs, dry leaves, pine needles, and small sticks, & some logs for when the fire gets started. Break up the twigs to make kindling. Now lets get started.

Step 1: The Log Cabin

To build the log cabin start by placing 2 sticks (that are fairly the same size) parallel to each other. Then place 2 more sticks on top of them (parallel but turned the other way) Continue this until it is as high as you want (I made mine about 4 inches tall) Now put you're dry leaves and kindling inside of the middle. Then you can light it. When the whole thing starts burning add a log or so.

Step 2: The Lean-To

To make a lean-to fire first turn a log over on its side. Now place smaller sticks leaning onto it. Covering the whole side (how many sticks you use depends on how long you're log is) Then place you're kindling & dry leaves underneath the sticks & light.

Step 3: The TeePee

First prop some sticks up and lean them up against each other slanted up. Then put you're kindling and dry leaves inside. Then light. That is how you make a teepee campfire.

Step 4: CAUTION!

Remember fire is dangerous it can get out of hand very quickly always have a bucket of water or sand to put it out. Always have adult supervision when making a fire. & here is a link on how to light a fire with a magnify glass. I hope you enjoyed this instructable and it helped you out. Don't forget to vote.



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love it!!

#1 project for fire

Nice job! Fire building is a good skill to have

I'm a personal fan of the Log Cabin style myself. Great Job!