3 Ways to Crack an Egg





Introduction: 3 Ways to Crack an Egg

There are a few methods for cracking eggs including; cracking on a flat surface, cracking on the edge of a bowl, or using one hand. None are right or wrong. Below I will cover the different methods, but do what works best for you and let me know which method you like best!

Believe it or not, chicken eggs are complex structures. If you want to learn more about eggs specifically, check out the Eggs Lesson in my Science of Baking Class!

Step 1: Methods

You will always want to crack the egg around the wide center where the shell is the weakest. The goal is to not allow any eggshell pieces to crack off and get into the egg!

Cracking on a Flat Surface

To crack an egg on a flat surface hold the egg firmly in one hand. Expose the widest (and weakest) part of the egg and hit it hard enough on the countertop to make a large crack. Press each of your thumbs into the dented crack and pull the two halves of egg shell apart. The egg inside will easily fall out...preferably into a bowl! I like to crack eggs near a garbage can so the shells can be easily and cleanly disposed of.

Cracking on the Edge of a Bowl

This method is done exactly as above, however, you hit the egg shell on the edge of a bowl instead of a flat surface. Unless you have a heavy bowl you will need to be holding the bowl securely with one hand while cracking with the other. Otherwise it will just tip over! This method produces a larger/wider crack that's easier to open.

Cracking with One Hand

This is by far the most difficult method but if you can learn to do it, it makes cracking eggs faster and leaves one hand completely mess free! Hold the egg in one hand and hit it on the side of a thin bowl. Hard enough to crack the egg shell almost half way through. With the thumb and pointer finger holding one half of the shell and the three remaining fingers holding the other half of the shell, pry the shell open and free the egg!



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    Well, OK but I think that just about every one knew that.

    The thing is everyone doesn't know. People have to learn how to get the contents out of an egg so they can use it. You have obviously already learned this skill (well done) but at some stage you had to learn. Clearly this life skill is not aimed at you, it is aimed at other people- and your comment doesn't really help anyone although I suppose it does give other readers an idea of the skills you have so Well Done!

    Nothing more than inspect element

    Very nice instructable, thanks for doing it. As long as the membrane is split after the tap on the bowl or counter, I have noticed that squeezing the egg at + and - 90 degrees from the break around weakest part of the shell makes a pretty clean break. I think that may actually be what the single handed method does.

    peeling a boiled egg is also trickier than one might believe.

    put a small hole on top of the egg while boiling it, it will make a lot more easier

    oh my, I've been cracking two eggs at a time since forever. One egg in each hand, crack and empty in bowl (unless I only need one egg). I thought everyone did it with one hand.

    I would suggest NOT using the edge of a bowl - when the shell strikes the Edge of the bowl the broken shell part can be forced INTO the liquid. If use this method, be diligent and double check the egg in the bowl.