Introduction: 3 Ways to Enable Administrator Account in Windows 7

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In this instructable i will show you guys how one can enable Administrator Account in Windows 7

The administrator account is a hidden, disabled and built-in account with Windows 7/Vista/xp. But a user can enable this account for some special actions. Such as troubleshooting, installing harmful software or some special networking tasks. By default, most of the user accounts are a part/member of the Administrator account. Others are standard accounts without being any part of an administrator account.

Windows disabled this account to prevent malicious programs and harmful activities on the system. So any special task of system needs administrative privilege and the annoying UAC (User Account Control) bar will pop up for the users, except the administrator account.

This instructable will show you how to enable Administrator account in three easy ways. Choose only one method from below to activate administrator account.

Step 1: Method #1. Using Command Prompt:

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Search cmd.exe in start menu and run cmd.exe as administrator.

To enable Administrator account Type: net user administrator /active:yes

Hit enter and the command should execute successfully.Command line to disable this account: net user administrator /active:no

Step 2: Method # 2. From Local Users and Groups

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Go to control panel navigate to Administrative tools and computer management.

Expand the Local users and Groups arrow and select Users. Then, From the right pane, double-click on the Administrator.

Un-check the "Account is disable" and it should be look like below.

OK it and your settings will be saved.

From here you can also disable the Administrator or other account.

Step 3: Method #3. From Local Security Policy

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Type secpol.msc in start menu and run it as administrator.

From this Local Security Policies, expand the security options under the Local Policies.
Find "Account: Administrator account status" from the right pane.

Open the "Account: Administrator account status" and choose Enabled to enable it.

You can also disable it from here.
After completing any of above processes, reboot your PC or log off. Now you will see a new account "Administrator" which has no password by default. Log in to this account and enjoy the real administrator power of your PC.


dankebix made it! (author)2017-09-18

Amazing explanation, done on Windows 8.1 system. It works flawlessly, no need to make heads and tails out of it.!

joshboileau (author)2014-11-13

Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups (left pane) > Users (left pane) > Administrator (right pane)

jonsnowden (author)joshboileau2017-02-08

and then??

mamandlj (author)2015-07-06

Cant run the cmd. It requires the admin password

jonsnowden (author)mamandlj2017-02-08

it does mate.

jonsnowden (author)2017-02-08

What if you can`t run cmd as administrator?? obviously I`m activating it because I`m logged in a user account. It will be redundant if I`m activating an administrator account while I`m already logged in as administrator.

Bangalibabu (author)2016-12-29

By mistake I deleted some files of Bluestack, after that neighter installing nor uninstalling this app again. I tried to delete through administer account, but didn't work. whenever trying to install it displays blustack is installed already. but its not visible in intalled program in control panel. plz plz help me ;(

AmandaH128 (author)2016-06-13

when i tried to do this it siad this program is blocked by group policy

zony (author)2016-05-09

i did it and it didn't work at all !!! :(

SingerE (author)2016-03-23

I first tried the old fashioned way of going to Control panel > User Accounts > Change your account type. Now it is enabling me to click Administrator and the final confirmation "Change account type". But that doesn't seem to be working. That's when I found this page. I tried all three methods, but none of them seem to be working. I just can't seem to figure out why this is happening. Help?

LeeB75 (author)SingerE2016-04-26

If you get the issue whereby it wont let you run because it needs a password, try the following. It worked for me.

Restart the computer in safe mode with command prompt (via the boot manager, f1 in my case then f8 for options), log into your original admin account (no password needed in this mode) then enter "net user administrator /active:yes".

Now you can restart your pc and it should be there.

Hope this helps anyone that has come to this page with the same issue I have had (corrupt user profile)

Fliane Blines (author)2016-02-01

you can also go to for windows, my windows got here and works well

MikkelE made it! (author)2015-10-19

after i entered CMD in admin and typed in the following line.

CMD said that it was fine and didn't require any further work. but when i relog or restart my PC to see if it worked. i can still see the administrator account along with my own "Administrator" account. I've built my PC by myself and it didn't show at first when i rebooted my PC. but then i wanted to create two account on a project i was working on to see if it could handle a multi source. after i then wanted to remove the account it kept saying the same everytime i typed in the command in CMD. i've been trying to see if the other two methods are working. but I can't find the .msc file when i search. and i can't find the administrative account in section two?

any other solutions i can't even hide the account anymore

oh might be a good idea to tell. working on a Win7

Kind regards.

MarcP15 (author)2015-09-13

I'm trying to run a file... When I try to run as administrator it say's "I must be logged in as Administrator." But I am... Then I tried doing the cmd and allowing me administrative access and it also say's "System error 5 has occured..." How do I get passed system error 5? When I still try to download further downloadable content it still will not let me run...

MichaelM133 (author)2015-08-20

MathanK (author)2015-07-02

YannH (author)2015-06-18

Hi there. When I go to the local users, I have an error message that 7 says that my version of Windows 7 Home, I got this error message: "To manage user acccounts for this computer, use the User Account tool in the Control Panel". Unfortunately I cannot find the Hidden administrator in the Control Panel. Please help! Thanks a lot!

RavirajsinhS (author)2015-06-14

I am using first method but when i am click on " run as administrator" then system ask me user account administrator password which is i have not so how can i enable to administrator through this method ???? any solution then reply !!!

DanielC36 (author)RavirajsinhS2015-06-17

what user are you using?

RavirajsinhS (author)DanielC362015-06-17

hey Daniel, I am also send friend request on Facebook.

RavirajsinhS (author)DanielC362015-06-17

I am using windows 7 professional.

RavirajsinhS (author)DanielC362015-06-17

Thanks for reply.

I am using windows 7 professional.

JonathanS14 (author)2015-05-18

I cannot find security policy or the users folder from there. Probably because I'm running XP. Nevertheless, I tried the command in cmd prompt, and it said the command had been executed, but then after I looked at the login window, the account was not there.

RachelC5 (author)2015-04-29

After 3 days and 4 very long/arduous/hair pulling hours last
night, I sorted the virusy thing on my laptop, go me!!!!! I was unable to access anything bar the
internet and the cmd, found this and the 1st option worked! Didn’t know Windows had a hidden Admin

saba.amman.9 (author)2015-03-03

I have deleted by mistake my administrator account but after applying all these i am not getting my problem resolved :access denied " again and again

KimN2 (author)2015-02-24

I don't have any user with administrator rights because the PC was joined to a domain and managed by domain adminitrator. After removing from domain there is no administrator anymore. Does some body have any idea to solve such issue ?

Vyger (author)KimN22015-02-27

And by the way I just happened to look at this page and noticed your question. I don'y know if the author of this instructable is still active so he may not respond to you. For best and often immediate results go to the questions section and ask the question there. Its at the top of the page on the right under the community tab and then again to the far right. A number of us follow those questions for new postings.

Vyger (author)KimN22015-02-27

If the computer was on a domain then it was a pro version. whatever the operating system.

Go to a web site called and search for "administrator account - enable or disable. that has very good and extensive directions. (author)2015-01-06

I just want to say you thanks sir.It was really helpful for me.

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