This is a design for 123d design. You will need the app to get it. It's Halloween again! Time to start putting out decorations and stocking up on candy! This is a cheap, easy 3-d printable decoration of either a pumpkin or a jack-o-lanturn. The jack-o-lanturn is scary and will scare children away from your candy. Happy Halloween!

Step 1: The Body of the Pumpkin

First, you only have to take a sphere and shape it to the oval in the picture. This is the inside of your pumpkin. Then take a torus and shape it to the size of the pumpkin. Put it around the pumpkin and duplicate it. Once it is duplicated, put the duplicate over the original and slightly rotate it. If you keep doing this then you will end up with the groves in the pumpkin like a real pumpkin.

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