Introduction: 3 Different Styles of Letter Folding

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These are three of my favs from
Check out Tadashimori's video's on Youtube. (I think he runs Gifts Beauty)
His origamis are AWESOME.

The letter folding is very simple :]
I'll explain each in 3 steps

Step 1: Style #1

Picture of Style #1

This one doesn't take long, and is really easy to open. I tried making a cp for it (the graph below), but it didn't work out very well. I think I messed up some places.

But if it helps, I'd like to say that the red lines represent valley folds, and the green ones are mountain folds.

Step 2: Style 1: Step 1

Picture of Style 1: Step 1

Fold the paper in half vertically...or fold it hamburger style, if you'd like
Open the paper.
Fold one corner along the crease.
Turn the paper around and do the same with the other corner
(The pictures explain better than my words o.o)

Step 3: Style 1: Step 2

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Fold the little strip on the top of the page down to meet the edge of (I guess)
Do the same to the other side.

Step 4: Style 1: Step 3

Picture of Style 1: Step 3

Take the bottom triangle and bring it up along the first crease that was made. Open up the strip on top slightly and tuck the triangle in under the strip. Now take the other triangle and bring it down, tucking the corner into the tiny triangle on the bottom (if that made any sense...)


Step 5: Style #2: "pull"

Picture of Style #2: "pull"

Use either a thin type of paper (like origami paper or rice paper), or a more slippery type. Whatever you do, just make sure the "pull" part can slide out easily from the two flaps holding it. I've had trouble getting it to open cuz I used printer paper. Don't make the same mistake that I did.

I didn't make a cp for this one (didn't really think anyone would care)
I've given up on cps after I tried the one for the first style

Step 6: Style 2: Step 1

Picture of Style 2: Step 1

Fold the paper in half horizontally / hot dog style.
Open it up.
Bring all four corners toward the crease.
Fold both edges toward the crease also.

Step 7: Style 2: Step 2

Picture of Style 2: Step 2

Fold the vertex down until it meets the gap formed by the two edges
Make a moutain fold along the vertex (that is currently pointing toward the page)

Step 8: Style 2: Step 3

Picture of Style 2: Step 3

Do the same to the other side. Tuck the corners into the flaps


Step 9: Style 3: "doule Pull"

Picture of Style 3: "doule Pull"

Just one more tug than the "pull" style.
I found Letter sized printer paper does not work very well in this one
I think the original design was to be used on A4, and so although Letter works, it's a bit harder to get it to open.
Use paper that's nice and smooth. It should help.

Step 10: Style 3: Step 1

Picture of Style 3: Step 1

Do the same as the first few steps of the "pull" style--"hot dog" -> bring corners down along crease.
This time, fold the paper in half again. Make a crease
Open it up.
Bring the edges to the crease.

Step 11: Style 3: Step 2

Picture of Style 3: Step 2

Flip it over.
Fold the top-left corner down until the top edge lines up with the bottom ( my personal logic that makes sense :] )
Fold bottom-right corner up the same way.
Flip it over again

Step 12: Style 3: Step 3

Picture of Style 3: Step 3

Notice the two big pockets.
Open one pocket and slide the opposite "tail" thing (...the part that's long and is sticking out...ugh...that sounded wrong) in there.
Do the same for the other one.


Step 13: Fixing Up and Practicing

Whew. Making that Instructable just gave me a headache, haha.
I hope this helped with teaching how to fold letters.
Saves the paper for making envelopes.
With more practice, the letters should come out neat ly.
BUT, if my texts simply confused you, here's something that may help:
Click on "letter folding", and you'll see videos on these three styles and more

Thanks for reading this instructable. xD


EmmanuelG53 (author)2017-06-12

This instructions are useless.

: Style 3: Step 3? : Style 1: Step 2? What the heck!
fakemattkelly (author)2015-08-13

I guess Ihave a lot to learn. Never heard of hamburger style oragami. Just looking for a simple but creative envelop. This was way too complicated for me. Thanks anyway.

mcarana (author)2015-03-19

Thank you, ninjacow258, for sharing your creative envelope folding instructions with us. I love the envelope shapes and tried to make them but was not entirely successful. I think the instructions need to be a little more detailed. I'm glad, however, that you cited the source of your information. That helped me find the YouTube videos that show how these lovely envelopes are made. For those who need additional information on how these envelopes are folded, I recommend going to To see how to make Style #1, search for "Easy Origami Square Letter Fold" by Paper Kawaii. For Style #2, search for " 'Pull Tab' Letter Folding (Origami)" by Cori - Koori Style. Folding Style #3 is demonstrated by Tadashi Mori in the YouTube video, "How to fold a letter 01." By the way, I had no luck with Style #3 using standard letter-sized paper. In Tadashi Mori's video, it looks like stationery paper was being folded. (The paper is smaller than 8 1/2 by 11 inches, but rectangular in shape.)

bhuidhe (author)2014-12-02

what k8kc said...

k8kc (author)2013-12-09

Ninjacow258, I really wanted to learn how to do the double pull method. I even looked around the same style on different pages. I couldn't find another and for some reason I can't make it using the pictures you have. Can you take more pictures of the steps or make a video? I feel like I'm missing an easy but important step.

lycoris3 (author)2010-03-12

I faved.  5 little paper stars.

lieuwe (author)2009-08-20

these instructions are impossible to follow, sorry but you explain it quite bad...

ninjacow258 (author)lieuwe2009-08-20

I know, I'm not good at explaining how to fold things. That's why I posted pictures. Sorry if it was crappy.

lieuwe (author)ninjacow2582009-09-09

you might want to add instructions like 'then mountain fold a to b' and then add infoboxes with letters to your instrutable, you also seem to forget some steps...

zoram (author)2009-08-17

:( i got it all except the last part... o well O_o

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