3-dimensional Star Cluster: Acrylic + LED light sculpture

Picture of 3-dimensional Star Cluster: Acrylic + LED light sculpture
This instructable will guide you through the process of making your very own star-cluster from LEDs and acrylic.

I made this piece for my electronics final project at college and had access to a machine shop. This instructable assumes that you have access to similar tools.

This project was very much inspired by 
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Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
• 80 LEDs (Amber, 3000 mcd)
• 80 68 ohm resistors (or other small resistance of your choice)
• 80 1k ohm resistors
• 10 4051 multiplexers
• 20 7404 not-gates
• 30 16-pin sockets
• perforated pc board
• lots and lots and lots of wire
• arduino uno
• 5v power source
• 3 layers of acrylic board, 20” by 20”
• 1 layer of plywood, 20” by 20”
• 4 feet of ¾-inch diameter acrylic rod
• 1 foot of ¼-inch diameter acrylic rod

• soldering iron
• solder
• wire-cutters
• wire-strippers
• lathe
• drill press
• band saw
• 1-meter telescope (optional)
mao77777771 year ago
Well, that is a bit complicated, try……
ntobio2 years ago
oh sir ,this is my email...
ntobio2 years ago
sir,can you please show to me the circuit diagram or schematic diagram of this project..we seriously need it ,,please sir, tnx :)
Bryan22002 years ago
Is there any way to slow down the flashing?
Bryan22002 years ago
Is it possible to slow down the flashing?
Travpena2 years ago
this is crazy awesome\, but must it be made using an arduino board?
clairemackay (author)  Travpena2 years ago
Definitely not! I used the arduino because it's what I had to work with, but I think using a TTL square wave and a few JK flip-flops would also do the trick.
nerd74732 years ago
super cool I would build this if I had the time and patience.
ChrysN2 years ago
That looks gorgeous, nicely done!