Introduction: 3 Easy Iphone/android Pranks

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Here are 3 easy pranks you can do on your friends, either using an android or a iPhone.

Step 1: Disabled Iphone?

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• First of all disable your iPhone

•Take a screen shot of your iPhone disabled

•Then make it your lock screen

• And tada! you can also secretly unlock your phone. so the next time your friend wants to disable your iPhone, just tell them that its already disabled.

Step 2: What Language Is This?

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•secretly garb your friends phone (android)

•go to setting-language and input-language

•change it to something they don't know

• Now your friends won't understand a thing on their phone!

Step 3: The Un-clickable Screen

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• Go onto your friends iPhone

• Take a screenshot of the home screen

• Next move all the icon onto the next page

• Change the home screen image to the screenshot you took earlier

• The next time your friend wants to open an app, it will be impossible as he/she try's to click on it continuously.


minelittleponycraft (author)2015-04-09

Just one thing about the last one: if you were to leave it like that until they realised, the time at the top of the screen would stay the same.

tomatoskins (author)2015-03-24

The last one is pure genious! Love it!

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