Picture of 3-fer: Diaper, Jack-O Lantern, and Pumpkin seeds!
You just need a pumpkin, a punkin, and a sharp knife. Couldn't be easier...

   Pumpkin large enough for your Punkin,
   Sharp knife
   Vegetable peeler, (optional)
   Oven (Optional, for cooking seeds)
   Candles (optional, for displaying Jack-o-lantern)

Step 1: Choose and Carve diaper

Picture of Choose and Carve diaper
Choose a pumkin large enough to insert your child.
As you would commence with any jack-o-lantern, start by cutting a hole in the top of the pumpkin. Just make sure it is big enough for you child's torso plus a little extra for "wiggle room".
Carve two large holes for his/her legs, Again, assure enough space for "wiggle room"
Use the knife or a vegetable peeler to smooth out the holes. Surprisignly, pumpkin skin is tough enough to scratch Baby.
...Make sure your child is happy - having just eaten or just woken up from nap is key....
Insert child into pumkin and take lots of pictures
Treat baby to a bath...

eoutlaw4 years ago
This is soooooooooooooooooooo cute! I love how she's oblivious to wearing a pumpkin, lol.
ktkeith4 years ago
That's absolutely adorable!

And your kid is going to hate you.
chiquita63 (author)  ktkeith4 years ago
She already does!!!
wot!! cute!! hah!
You do realize your child will now grow up to be:
No pumpkin pie for me, thanks.
canida5 years ago
Cute. ;)

Great minds think alike...
chiquita63 (author)  canida5 years ago
oops. didn't see your post! She was just so small and the pumpkin so big... Love your linked pics!
Your baby is so cuuuuute!

...of course, all babies are :D