3 Foot Enterprise NX-01 With Custom Electronics





Introduction: 3 Foot Enterprise NX-01 With Custom Electronics

Here is a 3 foot NX-01 Enterprise model that contains well over a 100+ LEDs that feature subtle fade on/fade off green/red running lights, white strobe lights, and a rotating warp nacelle bussard affect.  The model is powered by three 555 timers and a 4017 decade counter. The embedded you tube video shows the build up of the model

The schematic may be downloaded below:




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    Please can you say the make of the kit ? I have never seen this one.

    (Dare I ask what the current price is ?)

    schematic isnt showing

    I see a schematic as your thumbnail, so you've simply added it in the wrong place.

    You could add a link to the schematic in your library?

    its dang nice tho :) i have the same kit (built, unlit, unpainted) and so does gf (we'll be lighting that one up when we build it)

    It does look very impressive.

    (Do you know how to link to an image in your library, or would you like me to PM some instructions?)

    I keep adding the file and its not showing up in the instructable. Anyhow, here is another link to Dropbox:


    you can edit that link into the text of your project.

    So, was this a model you bought and hacked?

    I especially like the effect at the front of the nacelles.