Introduction: 3 Foot Enterprise NX-01 With Custom Electronics

Here is a 3 foot NX-01 Enterprise model that contains well over a 100+ LEDs that feature subtle fade on/fade off green/red running lights, white strobe lights, and a rotating warp nacelle bussard affect.  The model is powered by three 555 timers and a 4017 decade counter. The embedded you tube video shows the build up of the model

The schematic may be downloaded below:


MicioGatta (author)2014-08-16

I ♥ NX-01!

ElectroFrank (author)2013-02-03

Please can you say the make of the kit ? I have never seen this one.

(Dare I ask what the current price is ?)

Bongmaster (author)2012-08-24

schematic isnt showing

Kiteman (author)Bongmaster2012-08-24

I see a schematic as your thumbnail, so you've simply added it in the wrong place.

You could add a link to the schematic in your library?

Bongmaster (author)Kiteman2012-08-24

its dang nice tho :) i have the same kit (built, unlit, unpainted) and so does gf (we'll be lighting that one up when we build it)

Kiteman (author)Bongmaster2012-08-24

It does look very impressive.

(Do you know how to link to an image in your library, or would you like me to PM some instructions?)

Mattosx (author)Kiteman2012-08-25

I keep adding the file and its not showing up in the instructable. Anyhow, here is another link to Dropbox:

Kiteman (author)Mattosx2012-08-24

you can edit that link into the text of your project.

Kiteman (author)2012-08-24

So, was this a model you bought and hacked?

I especially like the effect at the front of the nacelles.

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