This is a step by step instructable to create your own wrist mount for use with the standard or the underwater GoPro housings. Also at the end I will include 2 additional mounts. 

Step 1:

Items needed: 

Ankle Strap or some sort of strap. This was purchased at Sports Authority for $11
Curved GoPro mount
5 inch zip ties (2)
1/8 inch drill bit

Thanks for the instructable! With the new GoPro HERO 3 silver edition the GoPro comes mounted on a plastic board, but rather than throw it away I have repurposed it. I've cut it down to size, and drilled a couple of holes as you did here, then stuck a couple of hose clamps through to attach it to stuff. The benefit of using a hose-clamp instead of a zip-tie is that it's reusable, and tightenable too! Good instructable, thanks for the inspiration!
<p>That is a great idea! I am going to try that as well!</p>

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