3 toy modifications to make an iPod speaker.

Step 1: Materials for All Three Mods!

- Phillips head screws for all 3 mods
- Soldier
-3 Speaker jacks
-Soldiering iron
ok, does anyone know where i can get one of these radios? Do they still have them at McDonalds? What is the specific name of it? (So i can find it online)
that thing is so cool!<br /> <br />
were are the to mods<br />
Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Hi! I have the same mp3 player and I would like to ask you a question.. how can I put movies in? I know this is not related to the instructable, but I really want to know. Thank you!
There is no way to put videos on the second generation ipod nanos.
yes there is ONE way to put video in 2nd gen ipod nanos. Google Rockbox Ipod...
What do we need a soldier for? And what type? I got 2 marines, a sailor, and one from the air-force. Do they have to be American Soldiers/ do buffalo soldiers count? I know, I know, english nazi, but you should keep an eye on that; spell check only goes so far.
Hmmm... ALL!
He actually said solider. So, he wants you to use something more solid. If we're going to be English nazis, then we better get it right!
Ok, he says soldier on page 2. My bad! He says solider on page 3. I hate the word solder anyway. Doesn't even sound correct in the way it's spelled. I don't want to harsh on anybody about this. I thought solder was pronounced soldier for the longest time. It's an honest mistake.
pretty cool, but needs details
yea im gonna spray paint it and take off the barbie emblems! ill post up some pics when im finshed
noooo! dont take off the barbie emblems! those are awesome!(jk) oh, by the way, not a bad instructable. a bit short but thats ok.

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