OK just so you know this is not a paper airplane thats meant to fly, just to look cool.

There are 3 different kind of airplanes it will turn into and only take one or two steps to transform it.

1st picture- The original design

2nd Picture- The space shuttle

3rd picture- The double jet!

Step 1: Folding Triangles...

Cut an 8 by 11 sheet of paper in half and fold the ends down like in picture 2. Then fold it the other way (Picture 3). Now that you have an X shape on both ends, fold the outside parts of the X inwards so the top forms a triangle. (See next two pictures for what it should look like.) Apply to both sides. Now you should have a strip of paper with two triangle shapes on the end.
do you need two jets to make a double jet?(sorry for being so stupid)
yes<br />
There is an easier way to do step 2.
we used to call that crash gear when were grade 2 just fold the end forwad then fold again backward it then we pit it against each others crash gear <br>
I've made this before but I never knew you had to make two and put it together
nice but you should try and make a flying one
made one, it didn't fly
Well if you would read the description, you would see that it <em>wasn't designed to.</em><br/>
oops, didn't read that. just wanted to make the jet
awesome jet :D
I used to know how to make these but i forgot.Thanks.
so sorry, but i didn't get pic 3-6
Sorry, but I'm not sure what ones you are confused with. Could you be more specific?
freakin awesome instructable. i made like 200 of these.
wow 2000 views and im the first 1 to rate this....
haha well thanks for doing it!
Cool dude!!
I used to make tons of these waaaaaaaay back when I was in middle school in the mid '80s. I had completely forgotten about them, so it's great to see them online! Thanks for posting this!
No Problem. My friend from Korea showed me how to make these a long time ago, and I thought they were really cool looking. So, I posted it! = D<br/>

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