3 in 1 Awesome Origami Jet!!!!





Introduction: 3 in 1 Awesome Origami Jet!!!!

OK just so you know this is not a paper airplane thats meant to fly, just to look cool.

There are 3 different kind of airplanes it will turn into and only take one or two steps to transform it.

1st picture- The original design

2nd Picture- The space shuttle

3rd picture- The double jet!

Step 1: Folding Triangles...

Cut an 8 by 11 sheet of paper in half and fold the ends down like in picture 2. Then fold it the other way (Picture 3). Now that you have an X shape on both ends, fold the outside parts of the X inwards so the top forms a triangle. (See next two pictures for what it should look like.) Apply to both sides. Now you should have a strip of paper with two triangle shapes on the end.

Step 2: Taking Shape...

Fold the outside edges inwards so it just touches the and of the inside of the triangle (Picture 1). Apply to both sides so it should look like picture 2. Now take one side and fold the sides of the triangle down (Picture 3).

Step 3: Body Shape...

This parts a bit tricky as well. Take the folded down triangle you just folded and pull it over to insert the folded down triangle into the top of the other one and crease the middle section. (Picture 1 and 2). You should now have what looks like picture 3. Fold down the pieces in the lower middle to make it look like picture 4.

Step 4: Transforming

Right now you have model 2 which is the space shuttle. To turn it into the jet, flip it over and fold down the top corners like picture one. This makes the jet. (Picture 2). To make the double jet, make a jet (obviously) again just like the one we just made. Take the flaps being held down by the lower middle folds and pull them out (Picture 3 and 4). Take the second jet and lay it on top of the jet with the folded flaps out (Picture 5). Take to open flaps and tuck them into where they should go only on the jet on top (Picture 6). This gives it a sleek look with the double wings.

  • I know these were only pictures and some parts could have been confusing so comment me if you need help with any part i wasn't clear about!



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    do you need two jets to make a double jet?(sorry for being so stupid)

    There is an easier way to do step 2.

    we used to call that crash gear when were grade 2 just fold the end forwad then fold again backward it then we pit it against each others crash gear

    I've made this before but I never knew you had to make two and put it together

    nice but you should try and make a flying one

    made one, it didn't fly

    Well if you would read the description, you would see that it wasn't designed to.

    oops, didn't read that. just wanted to make the jet