Step 11: Some action shots!!!

Picture of Some action shots!!!
Here are a few action shots of the cooling in process. Don't forget to move the ice around at about the half way point. Otherwise you'll end up with a coil with no ice touching it.

It took 40lbs of ice to cool the wort to around 40ish degrees F. So much less water than it would have taken if we would have done it any other way.

I'll post an action shot of some beer coming out when I've got beer to use.
alphapyro3 years ago
CO2 to push hot wort? Hmmmm. Just so I understand, you boil the wort in your kettle, then you are running your wort into a corny keg (I'm assuming you put a blanket of CO2 at the bottom first), then hooking up your jockey box and using CO2 to the corny keg to push that hot wort through your jockey box and back into another keg?