Step 11: Some Action Shots!!!

Here are a few action shots of the cooling in process. Don't forget to move the ice around at about the half way point. Otherwise you'll end up with a coil with no ice touching it.

It took 40lbs of ice to cool the wort to around 40ish degrees F. So much less water than it would have taken if we would have done it any other way.

I'll post an action shot of some beer coming out when I've got beer to use.
I made this replaced the copper with 20' beer line . I also put disconnects in the front and back so I could use it more as a jockey box with a picnic tap.
one tip so that you dont kink the copper tube is to fill it with sand or salt and then bend the copper.
You are absolutely right.
Hello my dear Cowstick, <br> <br>I have a picnic faucet (tap) I wish to use for beverage dispensing . But unfortunately when I fit a hose to the tap, the beverage does not flow at all. Could you please instruct me on how to let the beverage flows normally ? I will be very very gratefull and thankfull. <br> <br>Best regards, <br>Mokaba. <br>
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. First get a new tap, they're cheap. If that doesnt work, work your way back to the keg. Check your lines, see if anyrhing is clogged by running water through them by filling the line up with water and pushing the tap open. <br> <br>If that doesnt work, check to see if the gas is working correctly, after that see if you have a clogged keg. To check the keg, you need to hook it up to something you know can despense your beer. If its not your keg, get a new picnic tap. <br> <br>I hope this helps even though is almost a month later.
So I've now done about 16 batches through this now. The only thing I've noticed is that after each use ii need to blow out the coil with air or else what comes out is not pleasant. <br> <br>I've not noticed a difference in flavor using it as a jockey box since the beer isn't in contact with the copper long enough to each out any flavors. <br> <br>To answer the question of adding a blanket of co2, it is not necessary since I still need to aerate every batch.
I'm curious about your use of copper when using this as a Jockey Box - using copper is counter to most recommendations I've read, because of acidity and carbonating leading to leaching and off-flavors. Have you noticed any difference between your beer pushed through copper vs just using a chilled keg?
CO2 to push hot wort? Hmmmm. Just so I understand, you boil the wort in your kettle, then you are running your wort into a corny keg (I'm assuming you put a blanket of CO2 at the bottom first), then hooking up your jockey box and using CO2 to the corny keg to push that hot wort through your jockey box and back into another keg?
Looks like that was his system, with the exception of the blanket of CO2, since it's unnecessary - unwanted, actually, since aeration is *desired* prior to fermentation. <br> <br>There's no harm pushing it through with gas, beyond having to clean the first keg afterwards. I'd think that if he was home, he might use a pump, but since the picture was taken on location, he went with the electricity-free method.

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