Do you live somewhere where the weather is so unpredictable that it's impossible to pack all the winter accessories necessary to keep warm?

Or, do you have a small child who needs a hat and mittens one minute, and another combination of head and hand warmers the next?

Then this new 3-in-1 Winter Warming Accessory is a snowy season MUST HAVE!

It's a hat with mittens; neck warmer with mittens; or a hat with ear warmers all in one convenient winter accessory!

All you will need is:
- 1 piece of fleece 25"x20"
- Scissors
- Needle
- Matching (or contrasting if you're getting creative!) Thread
- Pins of some sort (not safety, they will be more hassel than they are worth)
- 1 piece of paper
- Pen with a pocket clip on it (clicker type pens work the best)

This project shown is a "hand sewn" project, but could easily be whipped up on a machine with very minimal machine skills necessary!

I hope that you enjoy this fantastic frost fighting invention!

Step 1: Neck Warmer

We start with the neck warmer...

Take your 25"x20" piece of fleece and fold it in half "hot dog" style (you should be folding the 20" side in half)

Cut your fabric in half at the fold.

You should now have two 10inch pieces of fleece (10"x25")

Take one half for the neck warmer, and set the other half aside.

With the neck warmer piece, fold one long edge to create a 1 inch hem. Pin your 1 inch hem down so that it makes stitching easier.

Begin to hand stitch the edge of the hem to the base of the fabric. Be sure to keep to the very edge of the hem because this hem will be used for a drawstring.

After finishing the 1" hem, move to the bottom of the piece of fabirc where you will do a simple rolled hem no larger than 1/2" to finish off the edge of the fabric.

After both hems are finished, fold your piece "hamburger" style so that both 10" edges are back to back.

Stitch these two edges together, leaving the 1" hems open (rememeber, we need to install a drawstring!)
Good Luck Rabbit!!
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Fun and creative idea.&nbsp; Nicely done:)
Oooh, I&nbsp;just love this idea!!&nbsp;

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