Hey Fellas,

Ever wondered about doing things that you never thought of doing or never imagined that you could do. I am sure we all had such moments . I strongly believe creativity is contagious and inspiration is omnipresent (Oh.. I think I just wrote a quote...quote it people :D).

When I was a kid, there used to be my neighbor who was a professional goldsmith. I used to sneak around when he used to work at home and I always found things look so complicated about jewelery (I still do). But I used to love bending and twisting wires (mostly from electrical wires) into funny shapes, mostly making spectacles like Gandhi or just making funny spirals and never imagined that one day I will be able to get my hands dirty on making some wire jewelry. Thanks to instructbales and all those people who posted awesome wire jewelry projects. So here I am, trying to shape some wires into my wild imaginations. 

This project is simple and does not require any professional wire bending expertise (I am nowhere close to an expert). 3-in-1 means that you can wear these earnings in three different ways and each has its own different look:).

Lets bend some wires :)   

By the way this jewelry is inspired by my lamp project which I made using conch shell.

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Step 1: All That You Need

So here is what you will need:
  1. Some jewelry wire (Sorry no gauge size here, the seller sold them loose without this info).
  2. Some small size conch shell (I got an assorted pack of sea shells from a craft store and got a few in that) . See the size in the image above.
  3. Some transparent glass seed beads.
  4. A ruler
  5. A wire cutter
  6. A round nose plier
  7. A flat nose plier.
  8. A ring mandrel (or any round cylindrical object)
  9. A filer will be helpful to file off sharp wire ends.
  10. Earring findings (Needed only if you don't wish to make ear wire on your own :))
I have learned that if you want to make some cool looking wire jewelry than you should own few professional must have tools. The two must have tools for wire jewelry are round nose and flat nose pliers. The mandrel is for serious ring making projects, I bought it hoping that I will make some wire rings too in future (yes, you got the hint :)).
You are very very creative! After seeing some of your other projects, when I landed here, I was quite fascinated. These earrings are nice! Artistically made! Thanks for putting up.
Cool design for the earrings. At first, I thought it was a decoration similar to a garden spiral wind spinner (or whatever you call those things!). Your design looks like it could scale up and be good for an outdoor decoration too...
Thank you so much :). Oh yes, just a little Imagination, check out my Conch Shell Pendant, you will probably see your imagination come true.
Love you(because of your project) ***Found a christmas gift*** SCORE!!!!!!!
Thank you :]
i see a winner :-)
Thank you so much Shazni :D
Creativity is contagious and inspiration is omnipresent- Tarun Upadhyaya <br> <br>These earrings are so pretty &amp; perfect for summer! Thanks for sharing! <br>
Thats so sweet of you imnopeas :). Thank you so much :)
Great job Tarun - and creativity is contagious!!! :) I caught it!
Thank you so much Holly :).
Your ideas are sooo unique and amazing! this one's really great :)
Thanks Muhaiminah :), this place is so inspiring I have tons of Ideas and so little time to execute all of them :)
<strong>hmm This is something good..!!! Please make something for mens too.. ;)</strong>
Thanks bro :) I will definitely try something for men in the forthcoming projects :)
lovely idea tarun
Thank you:)
Gorgeous n very pretty earrings!! u conch lover creating wonders from it:-) good going tarun...
Thank you Dear:)
You have such great ideas Tarun! Lovely earrings!! :)
Thank you Linda :)

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