3 Knots a (wo)man Should Know: Bowline Knot, Trucker's Hitch, 1/2 Hitch


Introduction: 3 Knots a (wo)man Should Know: Bowline Knot, Trucker's Hitch, 1/2 Hitch

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If you know how to tie a bowline knot, a trucker's hitch and a half-hitch, your days of wondering if the mattress, drywall, lumber or Christmas tree will make it to the destination are over. Note: While these knots are awesome, they are not a cure for, well...this...

We use these three knots for all kinds of stuff: Tying up floppy shrubs, getting string-lines tight, tying off a tarp, or securing items in a moving van or rental truck. Plus, this is man stuff. I think this is something guys should know how to do.

Check out all the how-to's at the end.

Step 1: Bowline Knot

One of the many benefits of a bowline knot is that it's both easy to tie---and untie. A knot doesn't do you much good if it ruins the rope (line) you've tied it in.

Step 2: Trucker's Hitch

Once you've tied your bowline knot---I think of it as the anchor knot---the trucker's hitch is next. This knot pulls all the stretch out of the line. There is no way on this green earth that you can pull a rope this tight without it. And, tied right, it comes right out because you cinch with a 1/2-hitch.

Step 3: Half Hitch

The beauty of 1/2 hitch comes when it's time to unload. Not only is it fast and easy to tie, it makes untying a non-tangle snap.

Step 4: Video: Get It Tied Down.



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    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree that there is no way to get a line that tight without the trucker's hitch, I honestly prefer the versatackle, a simple block and tackle style knot that allows you to keep your line tight without having to worry about getting that last half hitch in and end up losing some slack...

    2 replies

    Not sure what you mean Vern. You're right there's no way to get a line guitar string tight without a truckers hitch (though a bowline hitch serves pretty well in a pinch; a slip knot can also do some jobs well too). If you pinch the line on a truckers hitch, you don't lose any slack (that said, sometimes you really have to pinch the heck out of it so I know where you're coming from).I am totally psyched to check out the Versatackle.

    I'll have to make that one my very first Instructable when I get up the guts lol...

    That is true Vern, but he did a good job of presenting when and how to use a truckers hitch.

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    I have spent years teaching the canoeing merit badge to scouts, which means these are pretty much the only three knots I know. I use them for everything : )

    1 reply

    Love it. Been using them for years ourselves.