3 cool tricks you will want to know

Step 1: Trick 1

color trick
here is the code to find out color or whatever
In cmd type in color 0h 


Step 2: Trick 2

if you want to find your ip address here is a cool code
in cmd type in ipconfig 

Step 3: Trick 3


in notepad type in
goto sys
echo %radom%%radom%%radom%%radom%
goto sys
<p>Cool, I made a list of Basic commands.<br>It's called Basic Batch command list.</p>
For trick 3 &quot;Matrix&quot;, what format do you save in?
<p>save with a .BAT</p>
there is a lot more to the command prompt than that, check out netstat, trace route, xcopy <br> <br>pinhead you will have to save it as a text file then check the file extension to .bat (batch file)

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