Picture of $3 washable tentacle duster
Websters are great, but how do you wash them.  Here's a way to make one that's very inexpensive and you can throw the dirty part in the washer easily!

(It also works well for cleaning the whiteboard)

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
two tentacle sponges from Dollar Tree    $2
one floor sweeper from Dollar Tree         $1

needle and thread
Truehart2 years ago
Is the fabric stretchy? If not, how are you slipping it on the sweeper?
foobear (author)  Truehart2 years ago
Good question. Yes, it has just enough stretch to get it on there but not so much that it slips off.
Graceanne2 years ago
Good idea. It can also work as a floor duster.
Very nice!
mole12 years ago