3$ Whiteboard (IKEA Hack)





Introduction: 3$ Whiteboard (IKEA Hack)

This is a very cheap and easy way to get your own whiteboard for under 3$! Here is what you do:

- Simply go to IKEA and get one (or more) of those cheap RAM picture frames in the size you want.
- Use a blank page of printer paper in the size of the frame, or print out a background for the whiteboard, like a calendar, or a to-do list, etc.
- Assemble back together and voila! your whiteboard!
- You can even glue on some scrap wood or cardboard to make a marker-holder. (see picture)

NOTE: some whiteboard markers are more 'permanent' than others. Mine was pretty hard to erase after a couple of days, so I replaced the standard 'window' with plexiglass, which is much easier to erase the ink from.

I saw there was already a similar instructable on this subject here: www.instructables.com/id/30_Second_Whiteboard/ but I thought I still had to post this, due to its cheapness ;)



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    Even your calendar days are in perfect English... so Dutch! :)

    I just purchased two 30 X 42 black picture frames with glass from the local discount home decor store. Flipped the paper under the glass around to be blank and now I have two decorative "white boards" that match my office decor and will not wear out.

    Cost me $25 each vs $65 i paid for a plain aluminum framed white board in Office Depot two years ago. That board ghosts and needs to be cleaned with a surface cleaner every time I use it adding to its ongoing cost. Glass faced board just wipes off with no ghosting or chemicals.

    What a good idea - easy and cheap!