A $30 camera slider, no way!
You better believe it.
Here is a way to build a simple. effective, and wildly inexpensive camera slider in about an hour. This slider is simple to build with basic tools and has a weight capacity of 11lbs!
Lets get to it!

Step 1: Tools

Drill and drill bits
Countersink bit
Vise or clamp
1/4 20 tap
Another smaller tap, I used 2.5mm
And a saw.

You can you hand drills and saws but if you can use a drill press you will find drilling the small bits a lot easier.
<p>Minor update is that this track seems to have been discontinued and replaced with VIDGA triple track in the Ikea catalogue.<br>I'm guessing that the rest of this Instructable would have to altered slightly to fit, but the premise is unchanged.</p>
<p>I decided to make my own slider after seeing this diy project. Here is the link if you are interested to see how my slider ended up looking and working :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueKSEoLBm80</p>
<p>This could also be modified to make a decent X/Y Axis for a CNC Bed.</p>
<p>I am about to purchase a 5d canon mark iii soon and this will sure come in handy!<br>lovely tip! thank you!</p>
<p>Great idea! You could motorize it for almost no money just like I did: https://youtu.be/lzpZOZXCGbo</p>
<p>Control it remotely with this</p><p><a href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/969220052/camsformer-high-speed-triggeringwireless-camera-co" rel="nofollow">https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/969220052/cam...</a></p>
<p>I wish he made the motorized dolly as well.</p><p>If I have to buy the dolly, I will just buy the track with it for $30 or less.</p><p>(Time lapse while slowly moving.) </p>
<p>After looking closely, I saw some jogging of the camera as it slid. WATCH the video closely.</p>
<p>Good idea!! i have to try it!</p>
i have problem with drilling, the holes are always a bit shifted and it wont slide properly. Can u write the misure to make the holes?
<p>The groves are 15mm apart center to center.</p>
<p>thank you, i never imagine that, wonderfull and easy to make, very usefull to my works! </p>
<p>Just finished my Ikea Camera Slider! Works great! You should mention that if the slider doesn't slide well, you can put some rinsing agent on the slide. Thank you for sharing! </p><p>Here a video of the slider in Action:</p><p>https://vimeo.com/89835552</p>
<p>Right on! I hope you get some great shots with it.</p>
<p>I just finished my camera slider! It works great! It can also be set on a tripod. Thank you for the construction a very good idea.</p>
<p>Nice work, looks great!</p>
Tokina 11-16 on a full frame?!
<p>Yes sir, It works but only at 16mm and the edges are just a bit off. I have since sold the lens and bought a Rokinon 14mm.</p>
<p>Good design and well presented.</p>
<p>I have only one problem with this...<br><br>Youre using a cannon ;)</p><p>Yes, I'm a nikon user. But brand rivalry jokes asside. I like it, and will be making myself a camera slider like this for my home studio :D thanks for the howto :)</p>
<p>Great &amp; thank you! I saw there is also a curved rail... </p>
<p>You can build a camera slider without any drilling, printing etc... just by the Actobotics parts from ServoCity.com ... they even have programmable control systems to control the length of the slide, the speed of the slide and exactly when to start and stop the slide etc... </p>
<p>Great tip! Thanks for this.</p>
<p>Great job, I look forward to having a go at making it!</p>
<p>That's a fine solution. Nice work.</p>
<p>Pretty sweet. Well done! </p>
<p>So does using the three curtaintracks even out the wobbling and make it more stable ?</p><p>I'd assume witha single track it would be too wobbly to be useful ?</p>
I never tried the single track but yes I would assume that it wouldn't work well.
<p>This is great, good idea and good build</p>

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