Introduction: 30 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

You can just watch the video or follow the steps :-)

Step 1: Extend Your Kitchen Counter

If there's space in your kitchen, you can extends the kitchen counters with plastic tray.

Step 2: Put a Cookbook on the Wall

Don't lose your working space.

Step 3: Open a Yogurh From Both Sides

On this way air can enter in the plastic glass while you drink it.

Step 4: How to Keep Fragile Things?

Add popcorn in a box.

Step 5: How to Use Paper Punch?

Just watch the video :)

Step 6: How to Use Glasses Cases

Just watch the video :)

Step 7: How to Keep Your Money?

Just watch the video :-)

Step 8: How to Use Paper Clip?

Step 9: How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Use bacon;)

Step 10: How to Dry Your Shoes Faster

Use old paper.

Step 11: Make a Shoe Shelf

Step 12: Reduce Garbage Odors

With old newspapers.

Step 13: Keep Flors Clean

Use plastic bag.

Step 14: Mark Frequently Moved Cables

Step 15: One More Usage of Paper Clip

Step 16: Make More Space in Your Fridge

Step 17: Keep Your Salami Fresh

Step 18: Use Piece of Paper to Clean Your Keyboard

Step 19: Keep Your Pencils

Step 20: One More Usage of Paper Clip

Step 21: Use a Staple

Step 22: One More With Paper Clip

Step 23: Keep Your Clothes Fresh

Step 24: Make a Sandwich

Step 25: Keep Cables

Step 26: Use Safety Pin

Step 27: How to Hold a Nail

Step 28: Make a Homemade Cooler

Step 29: Remove Sweater Pills

Step 30:


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