At 10:30 last night it dawned upon me that I had not yet Thing-A-Dayed and needed something fast. I frantically started pulling drawers open and throwing junk onto my desk. I found a couple of pairs of mangled underwear that I never bothered to throw out, some scrap paper and about a dozen pull-string toys. I couldn't help but look at the supplies and think of these recycled office paper blank books.

The pull-string toys were not of much use for this, so, I put them away and immediately set to work on making a recycled notebook using my old underwear as a cover (its clean, don't worry). I couldn't really remember how to make a book at first, having not done it in some years, but I managed to wing it.

This can be replicated in about 30 minutes and should cost about nothing to make.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

- 20 sheets of scrap paper of about the same size
- old (clean) underwear
- a needle and thread
- craft glue
- a cutting tool
- some cardboard
jessyratfink (i spelt it incorrectly before) she is doing cool stuff for thing-a-day)
check out jessieratfink. she's doing some cool stuff for thing -a -day
Pretty interesting! I've often looked at old underwear with a cool design and thought, lets do something with this!
Oh my god! <br /> My mother had a pincushion identical to your!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> This is weird...... :)<br />
LOVE the drumming monkeys! To avoid the glue marks, spread the glue out with either a brush, your finger or a piece of scrap cardboard. It makes the glue less bumpy and give wider coverage. I have a pair of M&M boxers that have seen better days...Hmmm... Thanks for the ideas!
its remides me of donkey konga
Very nice Thing-A-Day...however, don't feel like you have to hide your silkier and lacy underthings from us. We would never want you to hold back or anything. LOL
HEY! You have your underwear on my world!!!!
Well, he's got them on eastern Africa, so the monkeys should feel right at home... I dunno.
You have underwear with bongo-playing monkeys on ... ... that is, somehow, disturbing. (Good instructable, BTW)
It's <em>completely</em> disturbing!<br/><br/>And great. I'd listen to that monkey play all night long.<br/>
>ew< That's even worse - you want to listen to Randy's underwear...
If the monkey was real. Silly Kiteman, that monkey is a <em>drawing</em>.<br/>
Really cool Instructable. :P I haven't seen the Thing-A-Days in a while.

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