How to make a CD case in 30 seconds or less with a piece of paper (8.5x11) and a CD.

Step 1: Fold 1

Fold one of the short edges (8.5 edge) up about an inch. Crease it.

Step 2: Fold 2

Now fold the paper in half on the long dimension. Do not unfold the first fold.

Step 3: Folds 3 and 4

Undo your last fold so you are looking at a piece of paper with a one inch fold at the bottom and a crease down the middle. Position a CD in the "pocket" at the bottom and centered on the crease. Now, fold one of the long sides over the CD. Next, do the same to the other side.

Step 4: Folds 5 and 6

Now, at the top (the end without the CD) fold a corner to the center crease like you do when you make a paper airplane (photo 1). Next do the same to the other top corner.

Step 5: Final Fold

You need to take the "tab" you just made and put it in its "pocket". The photos will help explain this step. Crease the fold.

Step 6: Done!

To get the CD out, you have to unfold folds 3 and 4 and pull the cd out. If you want to label the case I recomend you take the disk out first.
<p>Easy to follow, nice idea! Thanks</p>
<p>THANK YOU SO MUCH WOLF.ALEX9!!! &lt;3 :)</p>
<p>Perfect: simple, functional, and fast!</p><p>Now I want to make a template so I can print something on just the right parts of a blank sheet and maybe even have some fold/score marks.</p>
<p>Very nice - simple, elegant, and useful. Thanks!</p>
<p>good idea forgreate cd case. But You can create image for the cover one of the specialized programs.</p><p>I use this - <a href="http://www.smartprintlab.com/products/cd-dvd-label-maker/" rel="nofollow">http://www.smartprintlab.com/products/cd-dvd-label-maker/</a></p>
Man, this is the best it helped organize my CD's
thanks for your instructable. I plan to use the idea to make a case for my paper solar cooker.
Thankyou - Yes, it works very well and I am happy to say - looks good too!<br /> Thanks again<br />
It works perfectly! Now i finally have something to store my backups in without spending money on the plastic ones. Thanks!

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