Introduction: 30-Second Halloween "Costume"

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Oh no! It's Halloween and ypu forgot to get a costume! Never fear! You can easily make a costume from a simple Halloween decoration: "CAUTION" tape! Although it may look a little weird, it may be your only chance at getting some candy on Halloween! (Although I hate candy...)

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:
-Halloween "CAUTION" tape
-Scotch tape

Step 2: Cutting

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Stretch the tape out to a reasonable length. It should be about the same length as your height. Cut carefully and smoothly with scissors.

Step 3: Taping

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Tape one end of the "CAUTION" tape to your shoulder. Next, bring it down and across you and wrap it around your waist. Tape it around you like a belt.

Step 4: Props

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You will need a prop to go with it to make it seem less weird. A Nerd gun is always a good choice!

Step 5: Done!

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In just five minutes, you have created a simple last-minute Halloween costume! Have fun on Halloween!


EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-01-20

Omg u hate candy. AAAAAAH. Jk, you're awesome. I joined the NK3AE and I still didn't get the email D':>. Is there ANY NK3AE in michigan???

There actually are members in MN, MI, OH, and NY!

Lol, I don't know where members are. I can't view their personal information. If you start a war on Nerfhaven or on our site you could find out!

Dr MonkeyMan (author)2013-11-04

u hate candy? why? btw nice job

Ahh, its too... well, candy-ish (sweet). I do like chocolate (Reese's cups, Hersheys, Three Musketeers, and Kit-Kats thoug, pretty much any chocolate without caramel... I hate caramel...


Umm.. That's candy. So you do like it.

Only chocolate...

inventor scout (author)2014-10-22

Derp costume


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