Step 3: Put the Spring on the Writing End of the Pen

Put the spring on the pen.
This is my first Instrucable, please be fair and comment on how to make it better.
Hi thanks for making this cool pen gun I love it thank u so much ❤️
I like this idea, but it would be nice if there was a way to keep the spring from falling out.
you could tape or glue the spring to the ink cartridge
This is dangerous. I once had a friend who fires this into one guys eye. Be safe while playing with this as it could hurt.<br> <br>
I do this at school all the time, freaks people out if you shoot over their head.
i think its cool i did it with a pen (not the one you had mentioned) and it worked great not 10-20 feet but still cool (maybe 5 feet)
i do this all the time plus i did it without this i knew how to make for longest time now
oh thats well cool the writing part is the pen barrel or the cartridge
nice! never thought of that before.

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