30 Second Pen Gun

Picture of 30 Second Pen Gun
Super easy pen gun. All that you need is a Pilot G2 pen or similar pen. (They have easy access to the spring.)
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Step 1: Get a Pilot G2 Pen

Picture of Get a Pilot G2 Pen
Come on people, this step takes five seconds. If you don't have one, you can find them on the ground at school. Once you have obtained this then you can begin with the rest of the steps

Step 2: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly
Disassemble the pen (don't bother with the small white piece at the end of the pen near the clip) That's all you need for this step.

Step 3: Put the Spring on the Writing end of the Pen

Picture of Put the Spring on the Writing end of the Pen
Put the spring on the pen.

Step 4: Put the writing part into the "Chamber"

Picture of Put the writing part into the
Shove the pen in there- just not too hard. You don't want it in there too hard.

Step 5: Put the cap back on the pen

Picture of Put the cap back on the pen
Put the cap back on- just barely, if you bump it- it will fall off. Then for firing just click the pen and it should get at least 10 - 20 feet depending on how hard you press it. For variation you might want to glue the cap to the end of the writing part.
luftwaffe293 years ago
This is dangerous. I once had a friend who fires this into one guys eye. Be safe while playing with this as it could hurt.

nugget503 years ago
wat does it shoot
I think it shoots the cap of the pen it says
The cap.

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