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Introduction: 30 Second Tenner Trick

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This is a classic folding trick with a Bank of England 10 pound note. The video should show everything clearly enough, it provides a few seconds of amusement.

It works by splitting the mouth into two sections, which can be distorted by changing the viewing angle. In this example the creasing goes through the centre of HM's eyes and nose, so these don't distort very much. However the mouth does shift from upturned to downturned as the viewing angle changes.

Filming insight here


And if anyone is interested, these bank notes feature a holographic emblem, watermarks, interweaved metallic-strip, and high-quality printing - they're rather hard to forge.



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    LOL that is amusing! You have to love a little optical illusion!



    heh focus pocus:) nice-nice, do you have more in your arcenal?

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    This is a great trick. I've been amusing innocent bystanders with it since I saw this video last week. It works beautifully with US $5 and $20 notes.

    Now I just need to adapt the effect to a much larger scale and use it as a backdrop piece for a play. Maybe a Greek tragedy - as the play goes on, the giant "face of the gods" gets less and less amused....

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    I like the backdrop idea.


    I think it has the potential for epic coolness. Now I just have to convince someone to put on a suitable play and let me design the set.

    You could do it with fabric - a very slow stretch, it would be subtle indeed, but it would be noticed - I like the idea more now!


    Nice the australian one is sometimes holographic, but its printed on plastic...will it work?

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    If the face is the same, and you can get the creases through the eyes and mouth in the same way it should work.(?)


    Cool, who's head is on the note?


    Well, yes. But they do have an other side.


    wow!, does this trick only work with the notes in england. like i have. Could it work on amercian money, just wandering