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I believe that just about everyone has had a zipper tab break off or will have one break off in the future this is literally the fastest and easiest to replace it. This can also be used to customize your bag.

Step 1:

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You are going to need about 6 inches of paracord. You can either gut it or not I personally like to gut my paracord.

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You then want to take it fold it in half and on the cut end take both strands and tie them in a knot. After that pull tight and melt the ends.

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How to attach it to a bag is to run it through the hole on the bag then to pull the knot through the hole on the paracord and pull tight. Boom! You now have a replacement zipper pull for one that was broken or if you just want to customize your bag.


linus strothmann (author)2015-01-17

very practical....thanks

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