Picture of 30 practical uses for a rubber band
One of my friends would always carry around several rubber bands and when I asked him recently, he started rattling off this long list that inspired me to make this instructable. Sorry about those weird little symbols. I can't get rid of them. But, anyways, please rate and comment on this instructable. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN THE KLUTZ CONTEST!!!
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Step 1: Tricks 1-10

Picture of Tricks 1-10
#1 Quick Tagging  Are these batteries at the bottom of my bag charged or uncharged? Tag your batteries with rubber bands so you never have to guess. You can differentiate between various groups of objects by tagging each group with a certain color rubber band, or a specific number of visible rubber bands.

#2 Pencil grip-wrap it around the part of the pencil where you hold it to write with for a comfy grip.

#3 Mark the Level of Liquid Remaining in a Solid Color Container  Take a paint can for instance& before you pound the top back on, wrap a rubber band around the outside of the can at the same level as the paint remaining in the can. Next time you need it youll know exactly how much you have left in a single glance.

#4 Slingshot / Catapult  Every kids favorite thing to do with a rubber band, but if you think hard enough, I bet there are some practical uses for making one of these.

#5 Simple Art  Take a pegboard and stretch different color rubber bands in various shapes until every peg has been used at least once. Fun, creative and simple.

#6 Strap an Injured Finger  Use a rubber band to strap an injured finger to a firm stick or piece of cardboard until it can be properly casted.

#7 Melt and Use as an Adhesive  Its not glue, but a melted rubber band does make a darn good adhesive.

#8 A Distraction  Pull the famous rubber band gun trick and shoot a rubber band across the room. Try to hit something that makes a sound, or just catch your victims attention. As soon as they look the other way, make your move.

around the front cover to prevent bending) or around your wrist as a reminder to get som
#9 Act as a Reminder  Wrap a rubber band around a specific page in your planner (and also ething done.

#10 Rubber Padding  Wrap a couple rubber bands around a TV remote or ash tray to prevent it from sliding and scratching the tables surface.
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swisel2 years ago
This is awesome! (But i think there is something wrong with number 9, some of the script is over the number)
kyao3 years ago
fireblast_1212 (author) 6 years ago
You found $35 at school?
yeah! it was awesome! everyone was walking right past it. i picked it up and kept walking. i didnt count it till i got to class. it was 45$! i gave 10 to my triplet brother. yep, i wrote correctly. im a triplet.
fireblast_1212 (author)  dodo915 years ago
That would be so be a triplet I mean, not to find money. Well, I guess it would be a bit weird to find money at school. But not as weird as being a triplet.
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I agree.
fail ElvenChild3 years ago
Lol what?
I forget
That was me butchering the english language.
cool knex134 years ago
OK I will vote for you! I'll do it now good luck! :D
dodo916 years ago
i have 55 dollars cash on me right now. i found 35 at school, spent 5, then got 20 for my birthday. i got 5 more.
you found $35 at school?
yeah! i was amazed!
luvit4 years ago
i chopped my finger off and this rubberband isn't helping. am i doing it wrong? i'm in process of doing all these tricks. i'm on # 6 and kinda stuck. help, please?
JAGGIE4 years ago
oh, I forgot one put it on the bottom of a candle to keep it from wobbling in the candleholder.
JAGGIE4 years ago
31 making a ponytail
32 as a headband
33 hold your pants legs up if they're too long
34 buttonhole extender - loop it onto the hole then slip over the button (good when you've had a huge meal!
35 keeping a fan grate from rattling (stretch around so that it's held tight)
Colonel885 years ago
Good 'ible, but in an emergency you can use a good rubberband as an eraser.
flubs Colonel885 years ago
 dude, he said that
CrashMGD5 years ago
rubber bands are like duck tape, you can do anything with them
iill6 years ago
I think that this instructable is awesome. And, MasterCommander, you have no idea what you are talking about. Fireblast_1212 is right, it tells you HOW to use rubber bands not just a know-how-to, whatever that is.
That is exactly what it is... HOW to use a rubber band is the same as a know-how-to... lol
notice the iill guy favorites and comments only on instructables made by Fireblast_1212...
its a mystery, 100% sure its a (convinced and opinion) double account,
Hahaha your right...double account maybe?? Credits himself for his ideas ;) lol
all of these things are rubber-badn powered, right?
Ummm no... not POWERED, their just things to do with a rubber band...
Ummm they are powered by rubber bands. you need a rubber band for these uses.
No it is NOT rubber-band powered... in order for something to be rubber band powered, it has to power something other than itself. Power or to be Powered: "The energy or motive force by which a physical system or machine is operated" (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Except for the rubber band gun. It only works if you use a rubber band.
fireblast_1212 (author)  MasterCommander5 years ago
Sorry, didn't know that.
iectyx3c5 years ago
Gets my VOTE. This should get 30 votes, one for each tip ;) Nicely done. I especially like the battery tagging tip and am now using it.
fireblast_1212 (author)  iectyx3c5 years ago
Cool! Thanks!
the apple one is good but it tastes funny
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