Picture of 30 second labcoat!
Need to do some painting/surgery but don't want to get your clothes all wrecked and you don't have a lab coat anywhere in sight? Well make one in 30 seconds using item probably with in a meter of your reach!

All pictures in this instructable feature my brother as the lab coat model. Yay.

Step 1: Get materials

Picture of Get materials
For the 30 second lab coat you'll need: 1 towel, 1 length of string (or anything that will fit around your waste), 1 big paper clip thingy (check pictures below for clarification).
fhussain23 years ago
this was nice but you could take a old white shirt of your dad if he's kind of tall or if the shirt comes till your knees because for my science fair i did it and remember you can make the sleeves your size by cutting it. fold it a bit after you cut it, and sew it after you cut it. thats a good idea, too.
dentsinger7 years ago
Just get a painters/chefs apron for a few bucks. They have convenient pockets on the front. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $2.
Apron Samples
When I'm in the lab, needing a lab coat, I want something that covers my arms, especially my forearms. I'd just (1) go to goodwill, (2) get some appropriate garment like a housecoat or trench coat, and (3) cut out the lining (if any) so it's not so hot. A trench coat is particularly good if your surgeries involve large quantities of spurting blood.
Hobby Lobby FTW!
yes because i always have the need to do surgery thanks alot!!
Kiteman7 years ago
That last picture - it's Igor!
ninjapants7 years ago
That "big paperclip thingy" is called a binder clip.
Or a bulldog clip.
Calltaker7 years ago
Heheh.. nice instructable, good for those times you don't want to get anything on you. ~C PS: Tell your bro he needs a haircut :)
zoxx7 years ago
this is ridiculous. like i'd be caught dead without my labcoat... nice instructable. looks exactly like the picture.
Spectrace7 years ago
or if you take chemistry in school, you get a chemical-proof apron, and you get to keep it. :P i have one of them and them chemical-proof safety goggles. yay! nice structable though, useful when you don't have professional stuffs handy. :)
Ha, good for painting and scientist bussiness I suppose! You look like you are a terrorist working in a methlab though...