30 Seconds Electric Eraser


Introduction: 30 Seconds Electric Eraser

To make an electrical eraser in less than 30 seconds you will need:
An old batterie powered hand fan,
An eraser from a pencil.
To assemble it pull the fan from the body and it will get off. If it doesn't get off just cut it out becouse it's not necessary and push the rubber against the little shaft that will appear until it's secure.
Now you're done! You can now erase your pencil without effort!



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    Brilliant!!! A dremel AND an eraser all in one...every handyman's dream :-) Well done.

    And here I was using my eraser quietly by hand without having to rely on batteries...silly me!

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    electric erasers are like a prop, they are funny, but doesn't work properly.
    Anyway I'm working on an inproved version with a bigger and more powerful motor to work, instead of beiing a prop.

    "... I'm working on an inproved version with a bigger and more powerful motor..."

    Electric drill, perhaps??!? That would be cool... :-)

    actually is a 15v DC motor from a printer and that one really erases!
    I am turning it into a homemade dremel with reverse and as sonn as I finish I will publish it. Meanwhile results are good, the motor has a lot of torque, so, it drills very well. The only problem is the chuck. Can you help me with it? I already tried a wire connector and a plug, but they are not leveled and cause a lot of vibration.

    Have you considered one of those flexible drill extensions? They come in all sorts of lengths and chuck sizes...You would just then need to attach it to the motor shaft with a collet.

    Almost a year later I solved the problem.

    My homemade dremel is very small and fits in a hand, but very powerful. I have already tried with a rubber and it erases with no effort and very quickly!