Introduction: $3.00 Parking Assist Hack

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If you havd a Ryobi Garage door opener and have the parking assist. You may have noticed that the parking lazer doesn't aim far enough down to hit your dash due to the extended track length of this unit.

Here's a $3.00 fix for that or anynother parking assist unit with simalar units.

Step 1: Vanity

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I got one of these inspection mirrors at Harbor Freight for like $3.00.

Step 2: Take It Apart

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Enough said...

Step 3: Just the Head

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Put the head of a zip tie into the open socket and tighten the screw.

Step 4: Get Fancy

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How ever you need to add a few zip ties, velcro, glue etc...

Step 5: Consult Your Boss

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It's always a good idea to vonsult your boss to ensure proper installation.

Step 6: Mount

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I just installed this garage door opener!

I have yet to clean up the wires and the big electrical opening needs a cover. It was the old light.

This thing has a awesome motion sensor LED on it so I dont need it anymore. With that being said I used it as a box to add 24,000 lumens of overhead shop lighting.

Now back to the Instructable.

Mount the zip onto the parking assist and adjust the mirror as needed.

Note: The lazer will now point all the way to the door if you need it to... Just incase you need to park outside...


rafununu (author)2016-12-20

We've got the same boss !

Ha! Do you also get that same condescending look when ou make just slightly too much noise?

RoBear613 (author)2017-01-13

Um. A tennis ball on a string?

Now where is the fun in that?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-12-18

Great Instructable. That is exactly like my cat with every project that I do.

I mean humans doing strange things... Even we watch that when we can! They just get a live show in their own house!???

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