300 Size V Frame Quadcopter


Introduction: 300 Size V Frame Quadcopter

This is a 300 Sized V Frame quadcopter I designed to be 3D printed as long as you have a large 3D print bed. I created this to be different from boring X and H style quads. This can also be cut using carbon fiber.

Recommended Build Components:

- Naze32 or CC3D

- BLHeli Esc

- 6x3 or 5x3 props

- 3 or 4s 2200Mah Lipo

I have printed an early prototype on my Replicator 2 also had a few cut in carbon fiber



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    4 Discussions

    That looks so awesome! What electronics are in there? If it's not too much of a trouble could you upload the file of your printed part?

    I used DYS 1806 2300 motors for 3S or DYS 1806 1400KV for 4S. CC3D Flight controller, FRsky Radio and the usual FPV gear. The frame is still in the early stages I will be putting it on thingiverse when completed.