Introduction: 3000 Views Special 5 Tutos in One

Picture of 3000 Views Special 5 Tutos in One

i have just reached 3000 views (mind blowing).)

Step 1: First the Container

Picture of First the Container

You will need a bottle and a cap both caps should be the same size on the bottle and the cap.

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

Take the cap off the bottle then cut in the middle then cut upwards towards the cap

Step 3: Cutting Then Done

Picture of Cutting Then Done

Cut up until the spare cap can fit on the bottom push together then walla done.

Step 4: Bow Picture

Picture of Bow Picture

Youll need paper crayons a pencil and a black marker.

Step 5: Start

Picture of Start

Start by making a square with rounded corners

Step 6: Next

Picture of Next

Draw curved lines coming from the top two corners do the same thing on the bottom two corners

Step 7: Next

Picture of Next

Meet the two lines well not completely curve in the place where the lines dont completely meet
if you get confused just look at the pictures

Step 8: Done

Picture of Done

Make the bottom and put the picture in full screen because it is hard to explain.After this outline it with your black marker and then color it with whatever colors of crayons you want.

Step 9: How to Draw Animai

Picture of How to Draw Animai

my way

Step 10: Draw

Picture of Draw

draw a circle

Step 11: Draw

Picture of Draw

draw the eyes by drawing two circles in the big circle and split it in fouths then color in the bottom left or right

Step 12: Draw

Picture of Draw

draw the nose by creating a line and add a smaller line to that line on the edge

Step 13: Draw

Picture of Draw

draw the mouth by creating an upside down triangle then adding teeth

Step 14: Draw

Picture of Draw

draw whatever hairstyle you want and whatever kind of lashes you wantthen your done.

Step 15: Yarn Fishtail

Picture of Yarn Fishtail

Step 16: Twisting

Picture of Twisting

twist your yarn into a triangle on a loom of some then add another layer of yarn without twisting and loop the twisted ones over the top

Step 17: Done

Picture of Done

continue step 16 til it is the size your wrist is

Step 18: Last But Not Least Yarn Single

Picture of Last But Not Least Yarn Single

Step 19: Next

Picture of Next

do the regular rubber band single but with yarn

Step 20: DONE

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