30lb Fighting Robot, 5-Minute Superbowl Bowl, Inverted Joint Stilts

February 5th Newsletter 2012
30lb Fighting Robot-Nyx style
I recently built a new 30lb fighting robot for the NERC Sportsman class and Dragon*Con Robot Battles events. This instructable will follow the build process and will include links to parts suppliers, ...
Super Bowl - football party bowl! style
Here's a simple way to spice up your Superbowl party - with Super Bowls!  Just cut open some footballs, and serve up your chips in style.  Lining your new footbowls with foil or cling wrap means super...
Werewolf Stilts, digitigrade legs. style
The epic costume requires much preparation. Inspired by the designs from supernatural themed movies these stilts are metal and plastic which makes for a safer and longer wearable appendage. All of t...
Old rusty heater resurrected style
I bought an old rusty electric heater at a flea market because I liked its vintage style.  The blower motor was frozen and the heating coils and wiring looked dangerous, but the cabinet was sound, alt...
Butcher Block Hardwood Table style
The idea for the table came only after I had gotten the wood which was given to my father by a friend as scrap wood he thought should be burnt. My dad realized the most of it was quality hardwood th...
Test Tube Spice Rack style
Here's a test tube spice rack that I made to hold all of my spices.  I tried to improve upon previous test tube spice racks that I've seen by using a nice looking piece of bamboo plywood and by using ...
Water Balloon Launch Pad style
It's 108° today so we made our own water balloon launcher! If you've ever tried the 3-man balloon launchers you know how fun this can be. Launching balloons at 100+ miles per hour can be quite a thr...
Fruit Leather Recipe style
Homemade fruit is the perfect snack for any health conscious foodies.  This no-sugar added recipe is great as a childrens snack - they won't be able to tell the difference!  
How to Throw a Football style
So, you plan to throw a big superbowl party. Your guest come and decide they want to play a quick game of football to  warm up for the real game. Alas, you know nothing about how to throw a football, ...
Mobile Phone Hoodie and Texting Gloves style
This mobile phone/MP3 player hoodie and texting gloves are easy to make and customizable to your hands and electronic devices. There is no pattern. Just easy to follow directions so you can make this ...
How to make a metal lathe tap and die Jig style
  This is the first project i have made on my new lathe . It is a easy way to Use a die to make threads or chase them to clean them up.
Panning: The Art of Motion in Photography style
This is a step by step tutorial that teaches how to take panning shots with an SLR camera. Panning describes the action of following a moving subject with a camera to create motion. The end result is ...
Guitar Project style
So I have been planning on building a guitar for quite some time now.  I play some and I like to make things quite  a bit, this seemed like a fun project so I got started.  A few friends asked for pic...
Featured Author: Stormdrane style
Millions of people have checked out David Hopper's spectacular paracord projects. His clear instructions and beautiful projects are well worth a look, and he has even more projects over on his blog. I...