I was bored in class a while back and began to work on the sketch that you see above. the drawing has been sitting in my room for quite some time now and I have finally decided to post up the pictures I took of the car. I understand that there are much better artists/works out there, I just decided to share my piece of the pie with the internet. I do have a few more drawings that I made a couple years back, they are, as expected, not as aesthetically pleasing. One is of a '63 Corvette that is heavily modified, the other is a cartoon drawing of a '65 GTO. I am willing to post them if anyone wants me to, I am also open to suggestions for a future car sketch(s). NO PROMISES, however I am considering something along the lines of a monthly sketch based on suggestions from you, the community on a first come first served basis.

Please Enjoy,
Nice job on this drawing. It shows some real talent. As an instructable it would be great to see you &quot;build&quot; the drawing. For example many artists work from photographs. Some work from life. Did you draw this from memory?<br><br>Of course, you can take any number of paths to your projects, but, as and instructable the general aim is to teach or &quot;instruct&quot; others in how they might accomplish something similar. my goal in reading instructables is to learn.<br><br>I'm certain other people will contribute suggestions, but here are a few from me: <br>What things are most helpful to you when you draw?<br><br>Do you have a favorite pencil(s)?<br><br>Have you tried using different kinds of paper?<br><br>Have you framed any of your work?<br><br>What have you learned about creating shadows?<br><br>What part of this drawing do you start with?<br><br>What have you learned about perspective?<br><br>Who are your favorite artists?<br><br>Again, there are <br>I look forward to seeing your future projects.<br><br>Cheers!
Thank you very much for your support, now I will try my best to answer some of your questions. <br> <br>- I do not have one particular favorite pencil, however I do always look for some key features; mechanical, 0.7 graphite, good eraser, no extra grip, hard plastic body, and a screw-on tip. <br> <br>- i have used other types of paper such as; printer paper, 14 x 81/2 in. printer paper, tracing/sketch paper, and grid paper. I do for scaling purposes like drawing on lined or grid paper. <br> <br>- I have not framed any of my work in a traditional sense, instead I have a cork board that I pin my works to. <br> <br>- I have not learned very much in the field of shading, not professionally at least. What I am currently doing is giving the desired area of shading a light coverage of pencil marking and then smearing it with one finger until it reaches an even shade all across, I then erase the areas that I do not wish to be colored in. <br> <br>- In this drawing, as well as any car drawing, I start with the &quot;closest&quot; corner of the vehicle and work my way towards the &quot;furthest&quot; corner. I, unlike some artists, give full detail to each piece as i draw it. In this particular case I started from the front, drivers side tire worked to the passenger tire, I then went to the engine, firewall, door, canopy, tailgate, and finally the rear tires. <br> <br>- What I have learned of perspective is all self taught. I start with a picture in my head for what i want my drawing to look like when it is complete, this image changes often. I try to base the image off of what it would look like to be staring at a picture of the desired vehicle. That should probably answer your question as to whether or not I draw from memory, if not, then yes I do. <br> <br>- Art is more of a hobby of mine, not a passion. My real passion is cars, any thing with an engine, specifically high performance cars or sports cars. I try to combine these two things like this as often as I can, in class, at home, or any where I have the time. To answer your question about a favorite artist, no one in particular. I enjoy &quot;good&quot; art, I know that will get hated, but what I mean is art that is what is, not trying to be. I like both abstract and concrete art, both about evenly. <br> <br> Well I hope that I have answered some of your questions about my work and myself.- <br> -The_Boss_Builder <br> <br>
Looks really cool man.....nice job!!!!!
(Nix the &quot;Again there are&quot; sentence. I am falling asleep as I type!)

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