314 Layer Chocolate-Hazelnut Baklava Pi(e)

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Picture of 314 Layer Chocolate-Hazelnut Baklava Pi(e)
Share the love of pi with a sky high baklava pie. With 314 layers of phyllo dough and chocolate-hazelnut filling, this pie will be the hit of your Pi Day party!

Step 1: Ingredients

6 lbs Phyllo Dough
4 C. Hazelnuts
24 oz Bittersweet Chocolate
3 1/3 C. Sugar
3 T. Cinnamon
2 C. Butter (melted)
2 C. Water
1 1/2 C. Honey
1 Orange (zest)

6 pounds of phyllo?! wow! :)
kathrynl4 years ago
Wow, that is whole lot of baklava. Nice job.
I though regular baklava was amazing... but now I see that I need this.
scoochmaroo4 years ago
314 LAYERS?!!!!!! want.
bzarembka4 years ago
Truly a Masterpiece!!!
Biggsy4 years ago
Love it, great idea, and I love Baklava... I'll take three cakes to go please! hehehe

High five for you!
kwhite14 years ago
delicious and beautiful!
This was amazing! Wow, 314 layers - very creative!