Introduction: 3.14 Π Pie - Made of Polymer Clay!

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Glass bottle cap
tan polymer clay
red polymer clay
something with a point (needle/toothpick)
clean work space
clean hands
LOTS of Patience!

Step 1: 1

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1. Take the tan clay and top.
2. Roll the clay out and press the biggest part of the top and cut
3. press the clay inside the top

Step 2: 2

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1. Now take some tan clay and fill it to the desired height. O

Step 3: 3

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1. Now cut a circle and place it on top.
2. smooth it all out.

Step 4: Optional

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Put any design on your pie. On some of my pies, I made the pie symbol and the number form of pie.

Step 5: Bake

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Bake the clay according to your clay's instructions.

Step 6: Finished!

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Your finished! Hope this Instructable wasn't hard! Happy Crafting!


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Bio: My name is Holly I live in Michigan! I am a polymer clay addict. I play Clarinet and Ukulele! I love cats and dogs and ... More »
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