Picture of 3/4 G Wireless Booster
Is your 3/4G wireless service dropping off, or your getting super slow speeds?

Out of some household items, you can boost your wireless signal!
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Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
This is a list of materials needed:

5 inch pie pan
3/4G USB Modem
USB Cable 
Duct Tape

Step 2: Plug It up first !

Plug the USB 3/4G Modem into the cable

Step 3: Put Wireless onto Pan

Picture of Put Wireless onto Pan
Place the wireless assembly directly in the center of the pan.
We used a pan with lines so it was easier to line up.

Step 4: Apply Tape

Picture of Apply Tape
Apply duct tape, and tape antenna directly to center of pan.

Step 5: Optional - Apply Hook for easy hanging

Picture of Optional - Apply Hook for easy hanging
get large paper clip.

Undo to make into triangle

use one peice of tape and attach clip to top of back of pan,

There you have it!  You can hang it on a nail anywhere near 
your computer and aim towards tower or window (in most cases)


Step 6: Hang and use !

Picture of Hang and use !
Wow, your 3G/4G Wireless Booster is finished, and ready to use.
Plug into your PC or laptop's USB port and enjoy!!!

tgreen8 (author) 6 months ago

This will work with any wireless any "brand" and any frequency. Please post any mods or boosters you have made here !

tarkan_1 year ago
Tried this with my Huawei E367, works fine, I've gained about 2-3dB that considerably improved the ping and download rate, thanks for the tip :) !
tgreen8 (author)  tarkan_6 months ago

Awesome to hear. It works with any adapter !

ViuDo6 months ago

Thx, if i do for a cellphone, what have to mod?