Hello, this is my first tutorial about PCB recycling.
I am from the Bulgarian Scout Organisation and we make a christmas bazaar.Then i came with this idea. 

This is my idea how to convert your old and unusefull (maybe not working) 3.5 Floppy Disk Drive in to lovely Christmas star for the Christmas tree

I havent`n seen such star like mine on the internet, so i decided to make an instructable how to make it.

Tool you will need:

1. Dremel tool,hacksaw or jigsaw to cut the PCB.
2. Screwdriver 
3. Sandpaper
4. Hot Glue gun, or some glue that will stick with PCB and metal.
5. Drill with stand
6. And of course some free time :) (it took me about 50 minutes, because the PCB is getting hot too fast)

So let`s get started.

P.S. PCB-Printed Circuit Boards :)

Step 1:

Now you take your old flopy and remove all the screws you found to open it.
Then you disconnect all the cables you see on the PCB
Next remove all the screws that hold the motor and the PCB.
Now you have motor board, PCB and the aluminum chassis

For this project you will use only the motor board.
The other board and the motor for the head I will save for other projects, and the aluminum chassis i will return at metal recycle station :D
Very Nice! :)

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