Step 2: Put the pennies on the duct tape

Picture of Put the pennies on the duct tape
I used 14 rows of pennies. You can decide how long you want yours to be. If you read massive tomes, magazines or coffee table books, make it longer; mostly paperbacks, shorter. Remember, though, the expense will go up with the length! 

Lay the pennies side by side in rows of two on sticky-side-up duct tape.
I made one on the clear tape for my husband and he likes it. Great idea that works.
Mmmm. Thinking. Tumble the pennies first and use see-thru tape for a decorative effect. Do they make see-thru duct tape? Yes!
Clear Duct Tape Duck® brand, found with a quick Google.
susanrm (author)  saitaiable child3 years ago
That could be good! I like the decorative effect of the pretty duct tape. I made it first with packing tape, which is clear, but it fell apart too quickly.