Step 3: Prep for Programming

Picture of Prep for Programming
If you have a programming board, you can skip this step. If you are using a USBtinyISP or similar, use a breadboard to wire the chip to the proper connections of the programmer. More instructions on how to do this can be found here. The pinout for the chip can be found on the datasheet here.
TobaTobias3 years ago
Hi, great project. Do you think I could program the Attiny with Arudino as ISP on my mac?
sorry for the bump, but have you had any luck with this?
dark sponge (author)  TobaTobias3 years ago
That should be able to work, but I'm not sure. I know it has been done on a PC but I am not very familiar with ISP programming on macs. You might be able to find instructions on a forum somewhere...
evanni104 years ago
ok so i have the ATtiny85 chip which has the 8kB of memory and im haveing trouble programming it i looked at the layout and was wondering why its not working. its not doing the fuses right it gives me "ifuse" memory type not defined for part "ATtiny85". I have a USBtinyISP V2.0 is it that?
dark sponge (author)  evanni104 years ago
I don't know. Have you used the USBtinyISP before and confirmed that it works? Also, did you copy the fuse code exactly from the Instructable? I'm sorry I don't have much more info, but I don't use mine very often. You might want to look into using an Arduino as an ISP programmer if you have one, a few Google searches should churn up some good instructions on that.
Hi, I have ordered everything and already put together my USBtinyISP, I have my breadboard and I was wanting to do the exact thing you did, but I do not see any wiring scheme. This is my first time working with making electronics by the way so I'm learning. Please if you can direct me to where I can find the wiring scheme you are using in the picture that would be a lot of help.
dark sponge (author)  ericthetechguy4 years ago
Here you go! http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/avrtargetboards It's a link near the end of this step, but I've noticed a lot of people have been missing my imbedded links.
Thanks I ended up figuring it out after I looked over a few websites and looking at your breadboard.
I have an attiny13-20pu microcontroller and I was wondering if I could use that one instead?
Thankyou and also nice idea