USB Drive 35mm Film Mod





Introduction: USB Drive 35mm Film Mod

What is this? A regular old roll of film you say?
I'm sorry, but no this is actually a USB Drive.


If there are any parts of this instructable
that is a bit unclear and mistakes that I
made please help me by pointing them
out so I could fix them as soon as I get
to them, thank you.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools

-Flathead Screwdriver (or if you have a bottle opener use that)
-A couple of old rolls of films
-A pair of Pliers
-A USB Drive of course (I used a [ sandisk cruzer] like this but a 512mb one)

Step 2: Pop Off the Top and Bottom

I used a screwdriver to pop off the top
of the roll of film that you won't be using
as the usb case, but I'm sure you guys
have a better tool to use for this step.

And now pop off the bottom of the roll
that you will be using as the case.

Step 3: Drive Window

And now you just have to make the
hole wide enough for the flash drive
male connector to stick out of.

Step 4: Roll the Film

Now you have four pieces.
First you take off the key ring
off of the drive so you can
have it stick out of the end of
drive once you reattach it.

Secondly unravel the the film
and rip it out or cut it off of the
reel, finally just wrap the film
around the drive and put it
into the film cartridge.

Step 5: Finally Complete the Drive

First of all you put the cap on the
bottom back on this part is a tad
tricky but usually it gets right on
there if you push the sides close
together to make the circle shape
it will be easier.

And now you just put the key ring
back on and you're all set with your
film drive haha enjoy.



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    Sorry if i sound stupid but is this just a case for the usb basically? You cant actually put it in the camera

    Yes its a case it wont convert yourfilm camera to digital, hehe.

    How u popped the head off the cartridge, i just cant! D:

    U didnt Crack the case of the Usb? :O

    awesome I was at a vintage show down here in the uk (me and my dad show stationary engines) and i bought like 10 rolls of film For 10p each (about $1.50)

    I thought about doing this, but I didn't want to sacrifice a roll of film... I don't know why, considering I have digital now.

    I know how you feel haha. I hate wasting a roll of film like the next person, so I shopped around for film that's cheap enough for me to consider wasting. I found a two pack of 12-exp ISO 100 at a dollar store, and considering I don't do well with ISO lower than 400, I ended up using it. My USB looks so cool now :D