360 Degree Panning Tripod Mount

360 Degree Panning Time-Lapse Tripod mount is built from a simple kitchen timer,  3/8" long 1/4"-20 bolt, and a matching 1/4"-20 nut. All can be found at your local store for less than $8. First disassemble the kitchen time removing the other white plastic, and timer face plate. Then use a dremel to remove the top post which connected to the timer face plate. This will give you a flush surface to mount your 3/8" 1/4" bolt which will eventually screw into your camera. Glue in place using hot glue or some sort of epoxy for a better hold. Then glue or JB weld on the nut onto the bottom of the metal casing of the timer. This is where your tripod will screw into. 

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